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HoppeSyler is your trusted partner in DNA science.

Businesses world-wide are leveraging the latest developments in DNA science to gain competitive edge. Contact us today to find out how we can help

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Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is a high priority at HoppeSyler. We pride ourselves at addressing all inquiries quickly and thoroughly.

Quality Assurance

To ensure purity and integrity all samples processed by HoppeSyler are handled by qualified personnel and must pass critical quality control steps.


We here at HoppeSyler take your privacy seriously. We will never disclose your personal information to any third-party and all information is stored using military grade technology.

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DNA Preservation

More people than ever are preserving their DNA. HoppeSyler uses the latest methods to extract and purify DNA. Using a specialized form of ultra-dry storage developed at HoppeSyler, you can indefinitely store the preserved DNA at room temperature. No specialized equipment or expensive freezers are necessary!

Canine Genetic Testing

You invested a lot of time into choosing the right breed and picking the right breeder. Let HoppeSyler help you choose the right puppy by ensuring that they are free of common disease-causing genetic mutations.
We currently test for six common hereditary diseases (including degenerative myelopathy and canine hip dysplasia) and are in the process of expanding that list. Importantly - we offer exceptional pricing and quick turn-around times.

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