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    Identify potential risks now!

Is my dog predispossed to hip-dysplasia degenerative myelopathy hyperuricosuria Centronuclear myopathy ?

Screen your dog and find out if it is genetically predisposed to any number of diseases.

Learn what even breeders don't know.

By clearing a puppy of potential genetic diseases before you purchase your new friend, you give yourself a much better chance at avoiding very expensive vet bills.

HoppeSyler will test your dog’s DNA, via the latest sequencing technologies, and will be able to tell you whether it is predisposed to any heritable genetic diseases.

Adopting? Test first!

Rescuing a dog can be a great experience and very rewarding! But be careful! Quite often, puppies with all sorts of hidden genetic predispositions will end up being put up for adoption. Let us help you make the right choice and avoid making a mistake that can cost you time, money and heartache! Test first!